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Brian Z. Shapiro
Brian Z. Shapiro is a photographer and multimedia artist born and raised in San Francisco. His work explores the invisible forces that affect our surroundings. Geological spots are shaped by the tales, myths, and ideas that history brings. His work explores both the places and the forces that have an effect on the physical world. Growing up in a suburb of San Francisco that had almost no documented history, he has always been fascinated by places that have a history that shaped its present. Eschewing the studio for the actual place and the archive, he’s more interested in the experience of being the one to take the picture. Through documenting both the place and the experience of being there, he gives his audience an understanding of what it is to be at that certain spot and go beyond the aesthetic into a deeper understanding of the aura of a geographical location. Shapiro has a BA in photography from San Francisco State University and a MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.
Upcoming Dates hosted by Brian Z. Shapiro
Saturday the 6th of November 2021
Landscape Photography Meetup - Presidio/Andy Goldsworthy's Wood Line - 10.00am - 2 hours
This class will focus on improving our Landscape Photography, specifically by looking at how we work with composition, light and shadow, and depth of field. This class is perfect for both beginner and intermediate students.
Instructor: Brian Z. Shapiro
$35pp     10 places left - requires 3 bookings to proceed
Saturday the 13th of November 2021
Street Photography Meetup - Union Square - 10 am - 2 hours
Street Photography encompasses a wide range of genres, and this week we'll be looking at how you can use different crops and compositions to tell a story about the local area through your camera.

There will be a mix of architecture and portrait photography in this session as we explore the city center on a photo walk.
Instructor: Brian Z. Shapiro
$35pp     10 places left - requires 3 bookings to proceed
Saturday the 20th of November 2021
Blur/ Long Exposure Photography - Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park - 6:00pm - 2 Hours
In photography, motion blur is the purposeful streaking or blurring of an object in motion in a photo for visual effect. Learn how to capture minutes in one single image and use blur to your advantage. Subjects will include photographing moving objects to create continuous streams of light, using flashlights to illuminate areas of your photograph and what equipment works b
Instructor: Brian Z. Shapiro
$35pp     12 places left - requires 3 bookings to proceed
Saturday the 4th of December 2021
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography Meetup - Fort Point - 10.00am - 2
What is HDR? Well, let Brian Z. Shapiro teach you how to create artistic, high-contrast scenes that jump off the screen.

HDR stands for high dynamic range, a photography technique that mimics what the eye can see, merging multiple bracketed exposures into one vibrant image. Perfect for Urban Exploration, building interiors, and – in this case – the beautiful seascape of the Golden Gate, HDR allows you to bring out surreal detail in your highlights and shadows.
Instructor: Brian Z. Shapiro
$35pp     12 places left
Saturday the 11th of December 2021
Beginners Guide to Photography Class - Conservatory of Flowers In Golden Gate Park - 9:00 am - 3 hours
Looking to improve your photography?

Our Beginners Class is a great place to start. This 3-hour session is a photo walk that will have you weaned off of Auto mode, and transforming your everyday snaps into professional-looking shots.
Instructor: Brian Z. Shapiro
$69pp     only 6 places left - requires 2 bookings to proceed
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